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We are ConsultPro

What is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation aligns an organization’s people, processes, and technology with its strategy, mission, and vision.

We are ConsultPro

How does The Marlin Alliance prioritize support to its main client base?

We provide high-quality support to a wide range of high-level clientele. Whether it be in the area of cyber technology, strategic management or program management, we vigorously strive to keep our schedules and meet our commitments to each client.

We are ConsultPro

Why Choose The Marlin Alliance?

Beyond increasing revenue, decreasing costs, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving employee morale – Marlin empowers our clients to bridge the gap between sustaining operations and achieving business excellence.

Our business is taking care of your business

Does the Marlin Alliance offer cyber baseline solutions as part of their service offering?

We have cyber baselines in place that ensure application delivery and cyber health across myriads of systems.

How Does The Marlin Alliance Execute Business Transformation in Supporting Our Clients?

We focus on our clients' strategic vision and mission to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to identify all performance gaps which allow us to implement solutions that align with our clients' organization, optimize their processes and integrate innovative technologies.

Years of business operation
(%) Staff growth since 2010
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean for Marlin to qualify as an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business ?

How can I apply for a position ?

If you are interested in being considered for a position with our firm, please email your attached resume to our Human Resources Department at

What general methodologies does Marlin employ to assist clients with realizing optimal improvement results ?

We focus on leveraging process optimization, state of the art technology and industry best practices, while maintaining strict adherence to all regulatory compliance requirements.

Skilled professionals.
Smart solutions. Real results.

The Marlin Alliance, Inc. is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) based in San Diego, CA. We are people-oriented, process-focused and tech-savvy. Our team is big enough to handle heavy workloads, yet small enough to make supporting our customers a top priority.

Strategic Planning & Execution

We consistently and capably help clients navigate the entire life-cycle of strategic planning and execution.

Compliance & Accreditation

We help organizations, both large and small, prepare for external formal assessment in achieving full compliance.

IT Service Management

Our expert staff is comprised of experienced IM/IT leaders in private industry, local and federal governments.

Training & Facilitation

We effectively analyze, design, develop, and implement tailored training solutions as well as offer fully facilitated workshops.

Operations Improvement

We identify performance objectives that tie to high-performance metrics, while accounting for native barriers to success.

Business Process Re-Engineering

We analyze, optimize, align, document and implement processes to address enterprise-wide policy, roles and objectives.

Human Capital Managemet

We have exceptional success helping clients attract, develop and manage personnel at significantly high levels.

Program and Project Management

Our certified program/project managers have proven success in multiple operational environments to help you succeed.

Quality & Performance Enhancement

Marlin employs methodologies which effectively tie performance analytics to the fulfillment of your strategic objectives.

Facilitation of Change Management

We are well-equipped to help assist you with executing your change management approach to prepare for the future.