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Strategic planning refers to your organization’s approach to preparing for the future.

Service Definition

Strategic planning refers to your organization’s approach to preparing for the future. Considering your customers’ and stakeholders’ wants and/or needs is an important aspect of strategic planning; as is identifying your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, along with external opportunities and threats in your business environment.

Implementing plans is typically much more difficult than the planning process itself. Once a plan is identified, the difficult part begins: execution. Relying on strong communication and change management tenets, organizations may begin executing their strategic objectives and action plans in order to make a difference in their operations.

These elements are part of a larger system which helps you position your organization where you want to be in the future.

The Marlin Method

At the Marlin Alliance, we recognize our success is built on your success. We recognize each business is unique and measures success differently. We aren’t interested in trying to change your identity or your culture, unless that’s one of your goals.

Prior to any work being done, it’s important that our consultants actually speak with the senior leaders of the organization to understand the purpose, culture, and personality of your firm. This discussion will be used to measure the appropriateness of the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization. Once aligned, our consultants employ our Marlin Migration Model (M3) as a thorough guide for communicating and making the change you desire. We’ll begin helping you choose your strategic objectives and ensure action plans are deployed. We’ll explain and assist when plans must change due to unforeseen circumstances, and we’ll help measure your progress toward your goals- all while providing the level or professional service you expect from a firm working on your immeasurably vital business objectives.

At Marlin, we’re comfortable and capable in guiding your firm through the entire cycle of planning and execution. Or, we’re standing by to assist in any one area, be it planning, execution, communications, meeting facilitation, goal development, or measuring progress. Our goal and our passion is to help you achieve your vision as a business. Your success is our success.