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Our Services

Compliance & Accreditation

Marlin provides a proven approach, subject matter expertise, and program/project management skills to provide a best value solution to a variety of accreditation/certification and compliance practices.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management comprises areas of business that are responsible for attracting, developing, and managing a company’s workforce. The Marlin Alliance, supports all factions of Human Capital Management.

Information Technology Service Management

At The Marlin Alliance, we want to help you take your organization to that next level of success by instituting and managing established IT industry best practices such as Information ...

Operations Improvement

The Marlin Alliance accomplishes Organizational Improvement by first establishing an understanding of our client’s performance goals, their current performance levels and the constraints that stand as barriers to their success.

Project & Program Management

Project/Program Management is the utilization of knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the project/program requirements. Our project/program managers are adept at using the Marlin Migration Model (M3) as a framework ...

Strategic Planning and Execution

Strategic planning refers to your organization’s approach to preparing for the future. At Marlin, we’re standing by to assist in any one area, be it planning, execution, communications, meeting facilitation, ...

Marlin sets the stage for transformation with a top-down and cross-enterprise alignment of an organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.

Our certified program and project managers, with proven success in multiple operational environments (start-up, turn-around, and high-growth), lead the transformation.

Marlin analyzes, optimizes, aligns, documents, and implements processes (with integrated policy, roles, objectives, and metrics) across the enterprise.

Marlin assesses cultural change readiness, identifies barriers to success, and implements custom-built risk mitigation strategies to facilitate organizational and behavioral change.

Marlin identifies, selects, and integrates IT solutions (e.g., ERP, KM / IM, BI, etc.) that support organizational strategies and optimized processes.

Our certified experts in CMMI, LSS, ISO, EVMS, and other accreditations help the business comply with all applicable regulatory and industry standards.

Marlin employs a Balanced Scorecard approach to ensure that organizational performance metrics support the fulfillment of all strategic objectives.

Marlin analyzes, designs, develops, and implements tailored training courses and facilitated workshops to ensure that all people, processes, and technologies are imbued with the strategic objectives of the enterprise.